Circle Lord

What is it?
Circle Lord is a wonderful quilting template tool. Below are photos of quilts I've stitched using the templates. Learn more about the Circle Lord on their website.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss the Circle Lord options for your quilt top.

Templates available:

  • Basic setup for circles, medallions and Baptist fans
  • Aztec and mini Aztec
  • Spirals
  • Swirls
  • Tiles - for wavy and straight crosshatching

Aztec (mini Aztec also available)

Circle Lord Aztec template


Circle Lord Spiral template

Tiles for straight and wavy crosshatching

Circle Lord Tiles template

Connected Spirals

Circle Lord Spirals template
Quilts stitched with Circle Lord templates
Three Concentric Stars

Three concentric 8-pointed stars stitched with Aztec template

Dresden blade quilt

Dresden blades with wavy 2" crosshatching stitched with Tiles template

Spirals quilt motif

Spirals from Connected Spirals template

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